Dear Brenda:
Thank you so much for the lessons that you offer. I was really struggling, trying to learn HTML on my own, and not doing so well. Your lessons are clear, concise, and answered every single question I had. You are a wonderful teacher, and I really appreciate the fact that you are always willing to go the extra distance when I hit a roadblock, or something doesn't go just right for me. I have referred your courses to friends, and will continue to do so in the future. I am also looking forward to getting enrolled in your future classes. You are the BEST.
-Ruth Eifert, Admin - Beloved Angel's League
When I started graphic design about three years ago, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Brenda. She was an instructor in a group of ladies that was teaching PSP. In time I learned that Brenda was teaching HTML. This has been a desire of mine for some time, so I was excited to find someone who was teaching this course. Brenda's lessons are so well written and easy to follow. And if be chance you hit a stumbling block, she is right there to help you over that block. My experience with this course has been one of great satisfaction and has helped me to understand the language of HTML. My plans are to design a website for my business and also for others who want or need websites. - Connie
I'm loving these classes!
Brenda is such an awesome teacher - she really wants her students to fully understand everything. I'm so thankful to her for so many reasons. Hugs, Alita
Ok everyone that thought you could not learn HTML, you have come to the right place. Brenda will work with you to help you until you understand everything that you are confused about. She is awesome. Also Brenda has courses in PSP that I just love. I had Paint Shop Pro and just sat and looked at it. I didn't know where to start, but thanks to Brenda's lessons I now can make things with it. Love all the new things that Brenda is teaching me. Thank you Brenda! ~ Sybil

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